I Should Have Been Informed…

We’ve been seeing a lot of this lately:



cute dog says…
“Hmmm, well that serves you right you little &$%#^!… what can you say my beloved tick?”


my tick says…
“Indeed, he seemed arrogant with his tirade in this news clip. You would think he’s one classic example of people who are used to having things done for them. Maybe he really didn’t use his common sense at that time. However, I don’t think it’s just for people to attack his character by calling him names, posting hate messages, tweets, or even exert efforts in creating fan pages. If these people say he should have paused and reckoned first before crossing the flooded street and give a not so good interview, why didn’t these people also paused and asked themselves “what drove him to do that?” Perhaps they should have considered “maybe he’s in some kind of a worrisome situation”. Do they know him personally? I don’t think they even know him at all. People judge easily because they’re not the one in that situation, or they’re not a friend or relative of that person. Otherwise, I don’t think they would babble the same way.”


cute dog says…
“Oh… uhmm… errr… yeah, I agree with you. I’m hungry, I wonder what’s for lunch…”


my tick says…


2 Responses to I Should Have Been Informed…

  1. I agree with you on this one. Filipinos are full of hasty generalizations. I read it somewhere that Christopher Lao isn’t familiar with the streets of Q.C and his wife is stuck in the office. I think those fan pages on facebook that reached almost 60,000+ to date are created by jerks with unlimited leisure of time whom only want to feel good about themselves.

  2. Marvin says:

    Just a thought though: If anyone wants to comment on what Mr. Lao HAS DONE, you have the right to. Yes, what he did was actually stupid, and his retort was somewhat more stupid. His attitude was unbecoming as a law student as well. However, please do not attack with personal/baseless statements, rather just be objective and feel free to criticize what he did. I will standby my words though that what he did and how he reacted SHOULD NOT BE SEEN AS A GOOD EXAMPLE by anyone in misfortune or otherwise.

    I’m sure those who share my objectivity regarding what Mr. Lao had done also share my belief that this event, however amusing to some, will just end badly if fueled even more. At the end of the day, we are all Filipinos, and whichever way we spin this, Filipinos verbally abusing fellow Filipinos DOES NOT give the Filipinos any plus point here or abroad.

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