Oh, so that’s why…

my tick says…
“While watching my host’s owner drink his bottle of Yakult, because my host is (as usual) drooling stupidly again, I wondered, how come Yakult only comes in such small bottles? I’m sure a lot of people, specially Yakult drinkers, have wondered the same thing at some point in their lives. So I did some research (yes, I’m a tick who googles a lot, get over it). Turns out, a lot of blogs and articles with the same topic have been posted for some time now. According to data from Yakult’s companies in Malaysia and Australia (sorry, I can’t find a Yakult website from Philippines), the cultured milk drink only comes in small bottles to avoid contamination.
A smaller bottle is more hygienic. A larger bottle that is not finished might be kept open, thus a bigger risk of infection with other bacteria,‘ Yakult Malaysia said.
Opening and closing a larger bottle on numerous occasions can result in a decrease in the number of live probiotic bacteria due to the introduction of various air-borne bacteria. This is undesirable because bacteria have the potential to compromise the quality of Yakult,‘ Yakult Australia said.
So whenever there’s a Yakult bottle that’s left unfinished, it’s advisable to have it disposed.”

cute dog says…
“Yuck! I don’t drink Yakult. I prefer licking, sucking and munching ice cubes.”

my tick says…


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