Red Flag is Up!

cute dog says…
“Leave me alone, I’m not in the mood. Can’t you see I’m back to diapers?”
my tick says…


Accepting on-behalf

source: reader’s digest

Funny or Annoying?

my tick says…
“You decide.”
cute dog says…
“It’s kinda’ funny… but a bit annoying…”
my tick says…
“Right, just keep munching that ice cube. Duh…”

Bark or Roar…

Philippine Azkals

Philippine Dragon Boat Team

0 Golds, 0 Trophies

5 TV Ads

20% Pinoy

With Sponsors

Complete Outfit

5 Golds

0 Commercials

90% Pinoy

Inutang at KKB Pamasahe

Nanghiram pa ng sagwan sa kalaban

cute dog says…
“Bark! Bark! Bark!”
my tick says…
“Well of course you’ll bark, you’re a dog, for crying out loud!”

To each his own

Iglesia ni Cristo, other religious groups favor RH bill

Unlike the Catholic Church, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) has expressed support for the highly controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill.

“We are ready to support the bills on Reproductive Health as long as there would be no immoral elements in them,” INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo said in a letter dated October 12, 2010 to Rep. Rogelio Espina, chairman of the House committee on population and family relations.

This is the first time the INC has expressed its stand on the issue.

President Benigno Aquino III had earlier said he is willing to risk excommunication from the Catholic Church in pushing for the passage of the Responsible Parenthood (RP) bill.

— excerpts from GMA News Website

my tick says…
” There’s nothing wrong with the Catholic Church not favoring the RH bill. But opposing it, and worse, excommunicating the President? I personally believe they’re getting out of line already. If according to their belief the RH bill is immoral, then by all means, they can preach against it to their church. But not oppose it nor excommunicate the President. Perhaps they should be reminded that not every Filipino is a Roman Catholic. The government laws and bills should favor ‘all’ the Filipinos, not just any particular religious group. ”

cute dog says…
” Amen!  I’m hungry, what’s for lunch? “

What do you think?

This is a screen capture from CNN website.

my tick says…
” Well thank you for the suggestion CNN, now she definitely will be. Duh… “

E.T. phone home…

my tick says…

“Indeed, these are UFO’s, because they are objects that fly and are unidentified. These are UFO’s alright, but not necessarily extraterrestial. For all we know, these are unidentified only to civilians. Perhaps these are covert military operations that went out of hand.”

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